New: Version Manager for Qlik

Published on 22.06.2016

Informatec brings an exclusive professional solution for version management and the deployment of Qlik-based BI applications.

Efficient and professional version management is an absolute must for software development, not least because of ever-increasing compliance and auditing requirements. Qlik business applications are created quickly and can therefore rapidly spread in companies, whereby administrator handling is becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Particularly in the enterprise environment, where often several Qlik developers are working in parallel on the same applications and are responsible for their code consistency and reliable and safe distribution of the apps to the user, organisational effort has increased exponentially, along with the number of QlikView applications in use. Even discerning SMEs operating intensive business intelligence with QlikView and Qlik Sense have experience of these challenges and problems in their daily practice. Often, multiple versions of the same application are in circulation, or program code created and maintained by the development team diverges logically. Purely organisational solutions quickly come up against their limitations.

Version Control & Deployment

Great benefits for Qlik clients
Qlik Version Manager into the breach! In one version of QlikView (versions 10, 11 and 12) and another for Qlik Sense (version 2.0), the solution not only manages the complete code base, but the administrators also have a handy tool to take care of reliable distribution of business apps throughout the company. Comprehensive functionality, ranging from automated version management, a flexible role-based security design, rollback with code comparing down to support of the entire deployment process across multiple environments. The version manager stores source code, layout objects, data and file structures in a central repository, including project documents in a central database (MS SQL or Oracle). In first place on the list of benefits are the total security and convenience for developers and Qlik administrators.

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