Review Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2019

Published on 05.11.2019

This year's "Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2019" came close to the quote "Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine" (Peter Sondergaard, Senior VP, Gartner Research). The second annual "Qlik Discovery & Booster Day" by Informatec proved to be a "must" for all BI and Data Analytics enthusiasts on the Swiss-German scene.

The Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2019 provided the participants with the latest business intelligence trends and the most innovative new technologies in the field of data analysis, integration and management.

Qlik, as main partner, accompanied the entire program from the discovery of new opportunities to the deepening of individual pre-knowledge to create the perfect BI ecosystem.

A very intense day, made possible thanks to our partners, who presented numerous solutions and add-ons, and our BI specialists, who conducted hands-on workshops and one-to-one conversations. Our customers were able to experience breakout sessions for beginners and experts, evaluate valuable integrations in planning and budgeting, see new opportunities in data science, robotics, machine learning and AI live, and most importantly talk to other BI colleagues at eye level about mutual pain points.

Special highlights were the keynote speech by Felix Plötz and the best practice presentation by our customer Wüest Partner AG. The enthusiasm of the audience was clearly noticeable and audible.

Felix Plötz - freethinker, keynote speaker and SPIEGEL bestselling author - inspired the audience with his lecture on "Digitalisation" and gave them real courage to "simply do it".

Dr. Chaney and Mr. Eugster from the renowned real estate company "Wüest Partner AG" presented the wide-ranging possibilities of the Qlik Sense-based platform "Wüest Insights" for portfolio management in a fascinating duet.

Our passion for data led us to the Qlik Discovery & Booster Day. This platform confirms that we will continue to drive this format forward and ensure that the exchange of information on these innovative topics is maintained. As an active promoter of information visualization, a discoverer of enterprise data management and integration opportunities, and a pioneer in business intelligence, we are excited to be able to explore new ways to make data-driven decisions.

A big thank you to all protagonists of this day and to all attendees. We look forward to welcoming you again next year to the "Qlik Discovery & Booster Day" Volume 3.

Take-away - "The goal is to turn data into information and information into insights to apply them."



Review - Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2019

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