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Published on 12.11.2019
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Informatec enables Swiss Companies to democratize AI with DataRobot and Qlik

Partnerschaft Informatec & DataRobot


Business intelligence has become firmly established among enterprise clients and larger SMEs and is now an indispensable tool for forward-looking corporate management. At the same time, the technology is developing rapidly. The next milestone in "predictive" and "prescriptive" analytics is about to be reached. Taking this development into account, Informatec has entered into a partnership with DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI. The US software company specialises in the automation and utilisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in modern business management.


Informatec announced its partnership with DataRobot at its second Qlik Discovery & Booster Day in Pratteln at the end of October. Visitors were given a live presentation at the annual top event for the Swiss Data Analytics community, affording them an overview of the opportunities and future prospects offered by data analysis based on AI and machine learning.


Platform for AI and Machine Learning

According to industry analysts, DataRobot is a category leader in automated machine learning. Companies all over the world use DataRobot to enable their existing teams and applications to create better machine learning models far more quickly, to bring them into production smoothly and to manage and monitor them reliably throughout their lifecycle. With a library of hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms, the DataRobot platform provides all the best practices and safeguards needed to speed up and scale business data analysis. AI is used to promptly achieve measurable ROI through transparency, accuracy and collaboration.


On the road to the future

WWhile creating their vision 2023 one-and-a-half years ago, Informatec had already foreseen the technological development towards predictive and prescriptive analytics, firmly integrating them into their vision of the future. The management team realised that business intelligence would rapidly evolve toward data intelligence and data-driven business models. The partnership concluded with DataRobot now completes the circle, incorporating state-of-the-art analytical technology into the business practice of Swiss companies and corporations.

"Although DataRobot integrates with all major BI platforms, we still want to take the first step by putting the solution to productive use for our Qlik clients. This gives them the easiest possible start in AI, but with the visualisation taking place in their familiar Qlik environment," says Rino Mentil, founder and CEO of Informatec, explaining the reasons behind the partnership. "On top of that, DataRobot's Enterprise AI platform will make it much easier for us to gain access to major clients and corporations," he concludes.

Boris Cordes, Director of Channels Central Europe at DataRobot, adds: "We are proud to have gained a leading Qlik integrator in Switzerland as our partner. Informatec is not only extraordinarily commercially powerful, but its vision and strategy also align with our goals: ultimately, to raise the desired potential of AI and machine learning. As partners this makes us a perfect team, offering an ideal basis for driving real business value for clients,” concludes Boris Cordes.


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