NEW: Qlik Alerting - Intelligent alerting directly via Qlik Sense

Published on 20.05.2020

Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense®, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users more proactively monitor and manage their business.

Qlik Alerting

With Qlik Alerting, companies can adopt a "management by exception" approach and increase the value of their analyses by informing users of potential problems, helping them to analyze them further immediately, and taking action based on the insights gained.

Centralized self-service alerts are now possible with Qlik Alerting. As a result, companies can now proactively monitor their business data and take timely and effective action through detailed data views.

"With Qlik Alerting, our customers have the opportunity to leave passive data consumption behind and move towards active data use to increase the value of their data". James Fisher, Chief Product Officer of Qlik

This is exactly what is possible with the analysis data of the corresponding change directly in the alert. Data-controlled alerts in real time provide the basis for rapid immediate measures. Unlike notifications based on simple visualizations, Qlik relies on Qlik's proven associative engine to deliver contextual alerts across the entire database.

Qlik Alerting maintains intelligent alerting criteria based on advanced statistical calculations and trends, comparisons and percentage changes, nested logic or drill-in dimension functions, among other things. Alerts can be created and managed either in self-service or centrally. For example, enterprise-wide alerts can be delivered by e-mail.

Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense is licensed on a per-site subscription basis for use on Windows.


Create sophisticated, intelligent alerts

Experience advanced statistical and trend calculations that easily identify outliers and anomalies, comparisons and complex nested alarm logic, and more.

Self-service and centralized alerting

Supports both pull and push notifications, so users can help themselves and organizations can send insights to large groups of users.

Encourage adoption and action of analytics

Increase the value of your analytics investment by alerting users and managers when potential problems occur and allowing them to manage by exception

More abour Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense


Introducing Qlik Alerting

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