Qlik Release June 2020 is here!

Published on 18.06.2020

The new Qlik Release June 2020 includes updates on data analytics and data integration, performance improvements, expanded support for cloud platforms and new certifications.

We are pleased to announce Qlik‘s June 2020 product release, furthering their leadership in augmented intelligence, best in class visualizations, and platform extensibility. Also, this release delivers updates to several data integration products, including performance improvements, expanded cloud platform support, and new certifications.

What's new

  • Qlik Sense
  • Qlik Catalog
  • Qlik Insight Bot
  • Qlik Alerting
  • Qlik NPrinting

Learn how the additions to this modern analytics platform empowers your entire workforce to use data to make bigger discoveries and better decisions every day.

Qlik Sense

Augmented Analytics:

Business Logic: Business Logic provides the ability to define business rules and metadata to inform the behavior of Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense. Insight Advisor will factor in metadata and rules provided when generating visual insights. This is currently available as an API, with future releases to include user interface capabilities.

Multi-language for NLP: Expanded language support for Natural Language analytics in Qlik Sense supporting. Insight Advisor will now understand French, Spanish and Russian.

Chart Monitoring in Hub: A new capability allowing users to monitor charts and KPIs directly in the Cloud Hub. This enables users to quickly get a customized overview of their most important information and then take action or conduct further analysis in a single click. This capability will appear later in June.

Qlik Sense Desktop Authentication Against SaaS: Qlik Sense Desktop can now authenticate against SaaS editions – Qlik Sense Business and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. Now users with creation rights on any edition of Qlik Sense can unlock Qlik Sense Desktop for local and offline user.

Export Stories to PDF: Cloud editions of Qlik Sense can now export stories to PDF to capture an overall look of a contextualized analysis or manually share it with others.


Embedded Analytics:


Developer Portal: Qlik Developer Portal is the new home for discovering, learning, and referencing APIs for the Qlik platform. In this initial release, the portal will include API reference documentation for the management of APIs in cloud editions of Qlik Sense along with product tutorials available for public consumption. In addition, the Dev Portal includes reference and tutorials for Nebula.js and Enigma.js, Qlik's framework-agnostic libraries for integrating analytics at the point of decision.

Command Line Interface: Automate Qlik Sense into your DevOps processes with Qlik CLI. Qlik-CLI enables IT administrators to script Qlik Cloud Services administrative workflow into external batch processes, automate moving workloads to the cloud, and interact with application models to validate data all from a command line.

Nebula.js: Nebula.js 1.0 is a library for easily embedding Qlik into other web application and making custom visualizations. This release includes a command-line interface for making new visualizations compatible with all editions of Qlik Sense and access to an assortment of base-line visualizations from Qlik Sense through NPM to embed in projects.


Visualizations Enhancements:


Sparklines: Enhancements of the straight table continue. The cells can now feature a mini chart, a measure across a second dimension, also known as sparklines.

Custom Tooltips Enhancements: A number of enhancements to custom tooltips have been made, including:

  • Support for line charts
  • More information available in all charts
  • Titles and descriptions can now be dynamic through the use of expressions
  • Set expressions and expression modifiers such as ‘ALL and TOTAL are now supported
  • Qlik has added the ability to hide default rows

Bullet Chart Improvements: The bullet chart is a custom-built graph for presenting KPIs in as clear and informative way as possible. Qlik has improved the bullet chart in Qlik Sense, with more customization options and support for standard Qlik Sense functionality.

Org Chart Enhancements: It is now easier for users to interact with the Org Chart, through improvements such as a home button, autozoom, fully expanded mode and boarder color options.

Table Customization Options: The tables (straight and pivot) now have more options to customize the user experience including setting the scroll bar size and highlight rows on hover.

Filter Pane Enhancements: The text in the Filter Pane can now be aligned left, center or right and users can copy values to their local clipboard.<

Number Formatting Options: Color-by expression supported in Bar, Line and Pie Charts.


Data Connectivity and Management:


More Connectors in Add Data: Additional connectors, including Google Analytics and Twitter, are now available in the through the Add Data screen making it easier for user access these key data sources.

New Connector: High value connector has been added: Qualtrics Connector

Dynamic Views and ODAG Improvements: Dynamic Views now provides more information during refresh and has received significant performance improvements. The scripting required for Dynamic Views and ODAG has also been greatly simplified, the amount of code required for passing selection and making queries are now minimal.




Licensing Improvements: Now Qlik offers license proxy authentication to simplify license management for customers. This new a new capability provides a secure way of managing license authentication between QlikView and Qlik Sense deployments and Qlik's License Server. Qlik Licensing Service provides significant benefit by removing the need for customers to manage the governance and compliance requirements.

Qlik Management Console Improvements: Improved accessibility by exposing bookmark capabilities on the Window Qlik Management Console landing page, which enables the user to store “table views/bookmarks” proving the ability to easily select how to best present a “table”.

Qlik Catalog

This release contains a number of improvements to reliability and performance as well as architectural updates that will be used to tightly integrate Qlik Catalog with other Qlik products in future releases. It addresses installation and upgrade requirements for Qlik Catalog Dockers environment, improves security around SSO, and lays the foundation for integrated API support.


Qlik Insight Bot

Single Installer: Simplified Installation for users to get up and running with Qlik Insight Bot.

Third Party API Integration: This allows integration with other solutions to customize the chat interface; This feature has been enhanced from previous versions with improved security and stability. Note: this will not be available via the download site and will only be available only through consulting engagement.

Welcome Message: Displayed for new users when they open the chat window for the first time.

Bookmark Enhancements: Improved administration and handling of bookmarks with large selections. Selections will now show the number of values selected, which provides for a simpler response to users for complex bookmarks.


Qlik Alerting

Easier licensing: Integrated licensing between Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Alerting. This will change the way a Qlik Alerting license is applied, giving our customers a better experience through a deeper integrated offering.


Qlik NPrinting

Qlik Sense Themes: Qlik Sense supports the ability to customize visualization elements via Custom Themes, now you can generate Qlik NPrinting reports with the same custom themes offered in Qlik Sense to produce a consistent look and feel.

Expanded NewsStand Functionality: Now with Qlik NPrinting NewsStand - users can remove/delete their published reports from the NewsStand to improve management and administration of report consumption.

What's New Qlik Sense June 2020

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