Qlik Release September 2020 is here!

Published on 29.09.2020

Qlik's September 2020 release is here, and comes with groundbreaking innovations in AI that take Qlik users to a whole new level.

This includes new features such as conversation analysis, advanced analysis and much more. You will also find other significant improvements to our visual analytics capabilities, SaaS capabilities and user experience. This release goes beyond the analysis capabilities as it also includes new enhancements to our data integration platform with improved ETL performance and expanded catalog publishing options.

Qlik September 2020


Augmented Intelligence

The Insight Advisor Chat is Qlik Sense's brand new conversation analysis experience integrated into Qlik Sense and available through the Qlik Sense SaaS Hub. It offers more people a faster and easier way to ask questions across all their applications to make data-driven decisions. A new business logic layer has also been added to customize and control how the Insight Advisor behaves when generating insights and interacting with users. Qlik now includes advanced analytics calculations to complement our real-time integration capabilities, starting with K-Mittel clustering in this release.

Insight Advisor now improves a number of user experiences in Qlik Sense. With search-based visual analysis, conversation analysis, associative insights, accelerated creation and data preparation, and advanced analysis capabilities, Insight Advisor offers the most competitive set of advanced features available today, helping Qlik users realize their full potential. The full set of advanced features in this release is only available in SaaS, but will soon be available in an upcoming client-managed (Windows) release.


SaaS Capabilities and Hub Enhancements

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS supports unlimited use cases to reduce the total cost of ownership for cloud migration. Here are some of the things we are most excited about:

  • Doubling the maximum standard application size in memory (up to 5 GB) in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and enabling unlimited data reloads and storage for all new and existing customers
  • User interface improvements for a more consistent and engaging experience
  • Hub enhancements: including system notifications via email, chart history, improved data management
  • Qlik DataTransfer, our new utility for transferring data from your company to the cloud

Visualization improvements

As with every new release, Qlik continues to strive to deliver world-class visualization enhancements. In this release you will find new features such as a new animator that displays changing data over time, improved reference lines and several other highly requested visualization enhancements. The best of the continuous investment in visualization can be found in Qlik's visualization showcase app.

Other diagram improvements include:

  • Number formatting of master dimensions
  • Switching limits in containers on and off
  • User-defined sorting in Sankey Chart
  • Frequency counts in the filter range
  • WMS (Web Map Service) layer coverage
  • Switching the Hover Icons

APIs with support for open source libraries created by Qlik

Qlik continues to invest in its "API first" strategy, and will thus provide support for a first group of open source libraries like enigma.js and nebula.js. The expansion of support will also include qlik-cli, which provides access to all public APIs from the command line, making it easier to script and automate new and old workflows.  This list is constantly being expanded, and updates will be made available on Qlik.dev. 


Data Integration Improvements

This release contains improvements to Qlik's data integration platform, including the ability to publish directly from the Qlik catalog to PowerBI.  In addition, with Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses, Qlik pushes the performance envelope further by leveraging the capabilities of the MPP architecture in Snowflake and Azure Synapse.  This release improves both performance and operational expenses. It also adds new SOX compliance auditing capabilities by allowing Qlik to log and encrypt any changes to the DW design or target data sets.





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