BARC BI & Analytics Survey 21

Published on 05.11.2020

In der vor kurzem veröffentlichten BARC BI & Analytics Survey 21 konnte Qlik sich in 11 der insgesamt 36 Kategorien an die Spitze setzen. 

BI Survery BARC 21


In the latest BARC survey, entitled The BI and Analytics-Survey 21, Qlik® scores top marks in numerous categories, confirming the high regard in which the Qlik Sense® platform solution is held among the users surveyed. In the survey of more than 2,500 BI and Analytics users, Qlik achieved eleven number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in four different comparison groups. Impressive results of the previous year again improved according to BARC. BARC's BI and Analytics results are based on the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of BI practitioners, analysts, IT professionals and other stakeholders. The independent survey examines customer feedback on the selection and use of BI solutions based on 36 criteria, including business benefits, project success, business value enhancement, referral rate, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation and competitiveness.


The 2021 survey results demonstrate significant business benefits from using the Qlik Sense platform solution. "Qlik Sense has further improved on the already impressive results of last year's BI survey, achieving a total of eleven number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in the four comparison groups," said BARC. The Qlik awards include


Top rankings in eight categories for major international BI vendors, including Business Benefits, Business Value Enhancement, Recommendations, Product Satisfaction, Dashboards, Analytics, Customer Experience and Data Preparation. Top rankings in the Analytics and Competitiveness categories among self-service BI solutions. Top rankings in embedded analytics, including competitiveness development.


High-performance analyses even with large and very large data sets. "Qlik delivers reliable and easy-to-use analytics solutions that deliver practical and immediately actionable insights and results across the enterprise," said Josh Good, Vice President of Product Marketing Data Analytics at Qlik. "The 2021 BARC BI and Analytics Survey clearly shows that Qlik is exceeding expectations in many organisations when it comes to the usability of data - and that users benefit from many positive effects of using the Qlik platform".


The user opinions documented in the BARC report particularly praise the intuitive analytics experience with Qlik Sense, the convincing visualisation options and the dynamics of Qlik analyses across all data sources. According to BARC, the cost effectiveness, fast ROI of Qlik solutions and data connectivity are convincing users, as is the processing of large and large data sets without loss of performance and associative possibilities.


According to BARC, the Qlik-Sense platform achieved almost complete agreement among the respondents in the following categories:


  • 93% for the functionality of the Qlik Sense analyses
  • 93% for easy creation of Qlik Sense dashboards
  • 93% recommendation rate for Qlik Sense
  • 94% customer satisfaction with Qlik platform solutions


"Qlik helps democratize data, analytics and BI so that people at all points in the value chain can make data-driven decisions and implement insights," said Wolfgang Kobek, SVP EMEA at Qlik. "Qlik Sense is the most comprehensive SaaS analytics offering on the market and is impressive with its associative engine and advanced AI support, such as in Qlik Insight Advisor. With Qlik, everyone can make better decisions based on data - and thus contribute to achieving even better business results throughout the company".


Source Press Release: QlikTech Deutschland GmbH


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