Qlik Sense Release November 2020 is here!

Published on 12.11.2020

This release brings improvements to Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas in the areas of Intelligent Data Alerts, business logic and visualisation, as well as additional connectivity and productivity enhancements.


What we are excited about with the November 2020 Release:

  • Intelligent Data Alerts to proactively monitor and manage by exception
  • Insight Advisor enhancements including business logic and advanced calculation
  • Doubling of the standard app size with unlimited data storage and reloads to support more use cases
  • Support for Lager QlikView Apps and along with Document Chaining to better support our AMP program
  • New visualizations and authoring capabilities to create better-looking visualizations
What's New November 2020


Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas

Data Alerting:

Data alerting in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS provides sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users more proactively monitor their business and take timely action. Intelligent data alerting capabilities include advanced statistical calculation and trending that notifies users of sudden changes or outliers in data. Alerting is included within the Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS user interface, allowing both self-service and managed alerts.

  • Users can create custom alerts for themselves, focusing on data that meets specific business conditions
  • Users can assign recipients for their alerts (requires a Professional license)

With data alerting in Qlik Sense, organizations can more proactively manage by exception, notifying users of potential issues and allowing them to immediately analyze further, prompting timely action based on insight. Alerting is only available on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS editions.

User Experience:

A user can set their preferred language and time-zone to reflect the preferred language in both the Hub, Client, and the Management Console.

Augmented Analytics:

Default Analysis / Calendar Periods - Qlik Developer Portal is the new home for discovering, learning, and referencing APIs for the Qlik platform. In this initial release, the portal will include API reference documentation for the management of APIs in cloud editions of Qlik Sense along with product tutorials available for public consumption. In addition, the Dev Portal includes reference and tutorials for Nebula.js and Enigma.js, Qlik's framework-agnostic libraries for integrating analytics at the point of decision.

Insight Advisor - Automate Qlik Sense into your DevOps processes with Qlik CLI. Qlik-CLI enables IT administrators to script Qlik Cloud Services administrative workflow into external batch processes, automate moving workloads to the cloud, and interact with application models to validate data all from a command line.

Further improvements in the range of Visualisations, API, tooling, integration and OEM, as well as Compliance can also be expected with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS.


Qlik Connectors:

More connectivity in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS; two new Connectors are now available to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS users.

  • Google Cloud Storage – users can access either stored data or storage metadata within the online file storage web service of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.
  • OData – users can utilize the OData protocol to query data utilizing existing Web protocols.
  • Community JDBC Drivers - The first phase of JDBC connectivity, providing sample connectors including Couchbase,Cassandra,AWS DynamoDB and SAP HANA


New features and capabilities to better support our Analytics Modernization Program and the journey to SaaS.

  • Support for larger QlikView apps in Qlik Sense Enterprise on SaaS. Now users can have 50GB of QlikView apps on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, (up from 2.5GB) (under various deployment configurations)
  • Document Chaining on Cloud Native Platform with QlikView – we are removing more barriers for QlikView customers to migrate to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and making their decision easier with this common enterprise requirement for migration

Qlik NPrinting:

Qlik NPrinting Audit Trial - Now Qlik NPrinting has an audit service to support capture and review of system administration and execution events.


What we are excited about with the November 2020 Release:

  • Data Warehouse Automation for Google Big Query
  • Expansion of SAP integration options through support for SAP extractors as new Source
  • 4 New high demand end-points including Databricks, Delta Target, Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud target, and Azure MySQL
  • Automated registration of Qlik Data Integration created data sets into Qlik Catalog powered by Qlik Replicate

Qlik Catalog:

  • Expanded log information when bad and ugly records are identified
  • Provide clarity on the role of the catalog in our DI and DA solutions
  • Streamlined integration configuration process with Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Data within the catalog, including QVDs, can now be directly published to PowerBI Pro or PowerBI Premium
  • Streamlined and simplified licensing process for customers who have both Qlik Catalog and Qlik Sense

Qlik Catalog November 2020 continues to enhance Qlik’s overall end-to-end data and analytics solution with the capability to automatically register a new entry in the catalog every time Qlik Replicate initially moves data to a new repository. Thus ensuring that the catalog is kept up-to-date in real-time. The new entry includes basic information on the dataset such as field names and lineage. The Qlik Catalog administrator then controls when this new dataset will be fully profiled. In addition, this release streamlines the Kubernetes deployment option by adding support for Helm.

Qlik Replicate und Enterprise Manager:

The Qlik Replicate (formally Attunity Replicate) and Enterprise Manager November 2020 release brings new endpoints and introduces the first phase in continuing integration with the product portfolio as well as various improvements in functionality, performance and security enhancements. Additionally, this release sees the product documentation go fully online as Qlik Help pages. (PDF versions available to download to support offline access).

Further improvements to Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses and Qlik Compose for Data Lakes can also be expected in the November release.

Further Videos about the Qlik November Release 2020

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