On-Demand Webinar: iVIEW Library

Published on 01.04.2021

One KPI for all Qlik Applications - Next Generation Self-Service Data Management

iVIEW Library Bildschirm

In our On-Demand Webinar, you will learn how to comply with modern data governance in your Qlik BI environment. Thanks to the centralized and automated management, generation and provision of master items in all applications, the self-service approach can be further strengthened.

The iVIEW Library is a web-based application that serves to enable business users in the sense of self-service. The user uses a central library and selects all required KPI definitions, descriptions, metadata for fields, variables, etc. to be published to his Qlik application(s).

iVIEW Library 1


iVIEW Library 2

iVIEW Library 3


Elements or variables can be easily added, edited or deleted and assigned to specific data models. All content can be distributed to applications in a dedicated manner with a single click and managed centrally on an ongoing basis by the iVIEW Library. Our iVIEW Library enables you to easily manage your KPIs, replacing working in silos with stringent business logic across your enterprise. Focus on the business content: our tool takes care of the rest!


  • Introduction Informatec
  • Presentation iVIEW Library
  • Live-Demo
  • Q & A


On-Demand Webinar



Eunice Branco

Eunice Branco


Bi Consultant / Developer

Flávio Soares

Flávio Soares


Head of Technology & Solutions / Partner

Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer


Head of Sales / Partner



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