The BI & Analytics Survey 22 - Qlik Highlights

Published on 24.11.2021

See why users ranked Qlik Sense #1 in Business Value.

BARC BI Survey 2022


What makes a BI and Analytics solution stand out from the crowd?

It uncovers answers buried in your data. It closes the gap between data, insights, and action in real-time. And it delivers remarkable outcomes for analysts, business users, and decision-makers day in and day out.

BARC conducted the world’s largest survey of BI users, and Qlik Sense was:

  • Ranked #1 in Business Value in the International BI Giants peer group
  • Ranked #1 for Analyses in 3 peer groups
  • Ranked #1 in 6 KPIs overall and a leader in 45 more, including Customer Experience, Business Benefits, Query Performance, and Ease of Use

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