Qlik Sense November 2021 - What's new?

Published on 24.11.2021

With the new client-managed version of Qlik Sense, Qlik has now rolled out the last release of the year. Numerous enhancements are again planned, particularly in the areas of augmented analytics and visualization.

Qlik Sense November 2021

Augmented Analytics Extensions

Custom chart periods
Users can now customize the analysis period used by Insight Advisor. Previously, users needed permissions to change the business logic. Now, users can make these changes on demand, getting the insights they need faster.

Period-by-period DPS analysis.
With period-to-period analysis, users can now compare the change in a metric in the current period to the previous period. The analysis is applied to a line chart that can be used to show the differences between the two analysis periods.

Consistency in accessing fields and master data in Insight Advisor and Insight Advisor Chat.
What users search for and access with the metrics and dimensions buttons in Insight Advisor Chat now depends on whether the app has been published and whether a logical model has been applied to your app.

Create custom answers to questions
Custom analytics allow you to create custom answers for specific phrases in Insight Advisor. You can define the analysis that is returned, such as comparison, ranking, and clustering, using specific input fields. This provides better control over automatically generated analytics without requiring you to define complex rules.

New features in the visualizations

Add diagrams to tooltips
In this version, tooltips can be further customized by embedding a master visualization in the tooltip. This allows you to first visualize an overview and then search for details directly in the diagram. The embedded chart takes on the state where the dimension value is selected in focus.

Using Sn Table to display data
Table keyboard navigation in data view mode now uses the sn table to improve accessibility.

Labels with layers
This release introduces layered labels to give you more control and flexibility when viewing charts. In addition to labeling options such as Automatic, Horizontal, and Tilted, you can now layer your labels on the X axis. Layering staggers your labels to make better use of space and create more room for your chart.

All labels visible in the line chart
The Line Chart labels have been enhanced with the new All option, which causes the data labels to always remain visible. Also, the Auto option, which automatically displays labels based on available space, has been enhanced to show more labels.

Image size and positioning
You can now add images to rows in even tables via URL for additional context and insight.

Editing master elements via the Properties panel.
You can now edit master visuals, master dimensions, and master metrics directly from the Properties panel.

Define default tab in container object
The Container object allows you to add visualizations in a limited space. By default, the first tab is displayed when you view a container. To improve usability, you can now define the default tab when creating or editing a container.

Visualization improvements with updated documentation
1.0 Sankey diagram
1.0 Funnel diagram
1.0 Pie chart
1.0 Combination diagram
1.0 Grid diagram
1.0 Enumeration diagram
1.0 Scatter diagram
1.0 Line chart
1.0 Bar chart


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