Update iVIEW.process mining for Power BI

Published on 07.12.2021

3 x faster performance and improved usability with the new release of iVIEW.process mining for Power BI

Screen Gallery (Applications)


iVIEW.process mining Update


The update includes the following features:

  • 3 x faster performance: by improving our graph library, we have increased the speed of graph construction by about 300%. This is especially noticeable in complex processes.
  • Navigator window: For a better overview in complex graphs we have added an overview window (bottom right of the image).

  • Activities Legend: This allows activities from certain categories to be assigned and highlighted in different colors, for example, in which source system an activity was executed.

  • Activity Drillthrough: This makes it possible to take filters set on selected activities into other dashboards.  

  • Value Color Scale: Activity values can be color-coded and assigned to freely selectable groupings, which facilitates the overview at first glance.

For our Qlik Sense under iVIEW.process mining we will also roll out these features in the next days.

Screen gallery of the application scenarios

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