On-Demand Webinar Microsoft Power BI - #1 Architecture and Deployment with Oktay

Published on 22.02.2022

What do Power BI solutions look like?

Microsoft Power BI

As a cloud-based analytics service, Power BI helps bring together data from multiple sources. This allows you to centrally create and manage reports to monitor data and share it. You get a 360º live view of the business that can be viewed from any device.

More about Microsoft Power BI

Webinar with Oktay-Microsoft Power BI #1

The Power BI ecosystem is diverse and can be used in different ways to add value. In this webinar, common usage scenarios will be presented to illustrate the different ways Power BI can be used. In each of the individual scenarios, the key components of Power BI will be identified. After familiarising yourself with the usage scenarios, best architectural practices and deployment procedures will be described. 

On-Demand Webinar



    • Short introduction Informatec
    • Live-Demo Microsoft Power BI
    • Q&A

    On-Demand Webinar


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    ERP / BI Spezialist

    Submitted by Peter Kaech on Wed, 16.02.2022 - 11:06

    Bitte senden sie noch meiner Team-Kollegin Jeanette Chung eine Einladung zu, Danke.
    Sind gespannt auf die MS Power Bi Funktionalität.
    Peter Käch

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