On-Demand Webinar: SEE YOUR DATA CLEARLY with iVIEW Dataflow

Published on 09.11.2023

We welcome you to explore the practicality and effectiveness of iVIEW Dataflow. This webinar is an opportunity to witness how iVIEW Dataflow can become an invaluable asset in your Qlik journey. Engage with our industry experts and discover insights that can reshape your data management approach for your clients.


Do you want to save time and cost required to configure complex dataflows in your organization? Are you looking to implement solutions quicker? Are you a developer looking to simplify the ETL process and quicker deployment directly to Qlik?

At last, there is a revolutionary solution iVIEW Dataflow that makes your development process more efficient. iVIEW Dataflow is a low-code framework for Qlik that helps you save time and money.

Everything is configured in a central repository so there is no need to make changes to the code, no need to make multiple updates when conditions change. iVIEW Dataflow allows for a faster turnaround time when building a data model, which means quicker implementation.

All workflows are structured according to Qlik’s best practices and compatible with an integrative corporate Business Intelligence strategy. Give your Qlik projects a standardized structure and simplify your deployment process with a comprehensible, easy-to-read ETL logic.

On-Demand webinar

Live-Webinar iVIEW Dataflow

iVIEW Dataflow is a low-code framework for Qlik that allows you to generate fully automated and controllable data processes (ETL).

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Topics We'll Explore:

  • Low-code Qlik automation.
  • Replicate processes effortlessly.
  • Define ETL & business logic securely.
  • Automated script generation with iVIEW.
  • Qlik Sense compatibility assured.

Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your Qlik environment.

For additional information, please visit iview.io and gain clarity in data management with iVIEW Dataflow. We anticipate your presence at our insightful webinar on the 9th of November 2023.

On-Demand webinar



Nadia Coelho

Nadia Coelho

Go-to-Market Product Manager


Phong Le Thanh

Phong Le Thanh

BI Consultant




  • Short introduction Informatec
  • Live-Demo iVIEW Dataflow
  • Q&A

On-Demand webinar

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