For the 3rd time in a row Informatec presents the event format for all business intelligence inquisitive people around Qlik Live in Zurich! In addition to the popular "DISCOVERY" (beginner level) and "BOOSTER" (expert level) workshops, exciting best practice solutions will be presented live by Migros Bank and useful add-ons will be introduced at the Partner Expo. One-to-one exchange discussions with our Business Intelligence Consultants provide plenty of inspiration and open up new horizons.

Be there and make sure you get your free seat. The number of participants is limited!

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Hashtag 2020: #iQDBD2020 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

08h45 - 17h30

Ambassador House (1st Floor)

Thurgauerstrasse 101, 8152 Opfikon

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We can and will make this event a true experience for you! However, we cannot influence the COVID developments. Therefore, we determine the protection concept for you in our event location according to BAG recommendations:

  • The temperature of all those present is measured by infrared thermometer at the entrance
  • Disinfection dispensers are available for you at several locations
  • Hygiene masks (EN 14683) are provided
  • The premises are completely disinfected in advance
  • The distances can be guaranteed thanks to the large premises and the limited number of participants
  • The data of all those participants are recorded according to the BAG regulation 

Partner Expo

This year, you will benefit from a wide-ranging ecosystem surrounding Qlik. Our technology, development and collaboration partners will showcase valuable solutions and add-ons to help you get the most out of your business intelligence investment.

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Experts Lounge

The Qlik World

New Breakout Sessions

Who will benefit the most from our Qlik Discovery & Booster Day event?

  • Those curious about Business Intelligence (BI) who want to discover Qlik and try it out directly. Our "discovery" trip is perfect for this! 

  • Qlik users who want to discover further add-ons and functions of the proven Qlik platform in function of their specific previous knowledge. 

  • Qlik Power users, developers and data architects who want to learn about best practices for professional application and further development of their Qlik applications


  • 09h00 Introduction Informatec
  • 09h10 Introductory Round Partners & Speakers
  • 09h20 Qlik "Active Intelligence Platform" + Live-Demo Qlik Data Integration 
  • 10h00 Customer lecture Migros Bank  Migration of an existing BI solution to Qlik Sense
  • 11h00 BREAKOUT FORECASTING & AI SESSIONS: Live Demo Jedox & Ronal Group / Presentation "Qlik Augmented Insights"
  • 11h55 PARTNER SESSIONS: Axept / InfoZoom / ProCloud
  • 12h15 Standing Lunch
  • 13h15 Customer lecture Stäubli International Transparency and reliability for enhanced decision making
  • 13h45 Jedox Lecture "Continuous Planning"
  • 16h20 PARTNER SESSIONS: Axept / InfoZoom / ProCloud
  • 16h45 BREAKOUT FORECASTING & AI SESSIONS: Hands-on Workshop iVIEW.plan & iVIEW.comment / Live Demo AI & AutoML, DataRobot
  • 17h30 Conclusion & after-work beer
The agenda will be constantly updated

Program overview

Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2020 Agenda


Presentations & Hands-on Workshops

Discovery / Forecasting & Planning sessions

  • Hands-on Workshop: Build your own Qlik Sense app - quickly and easily

    Part 1: Loading and transforming data

    Part 2: Data visualisation

    What if everyone in your company could create a dynamic dashboard to explore huge amounts of data and gain valuable insights - and share it with any colleague? Join our free workshop and experience the Qlik platform! The power of Data Discovery allows you to discover new, data-driven capabilities. Our experts will show you step-by-step how to create a fully functional dashboard, navigate your application easily, and use interactive storytelling to present your insights.

    Speaker: Roman Hasler, Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan
  • Hands-on Workshop: iVIEW.plan & iVIEW.comment

    Our Qlik Sense Extensions iVIEW.comment and iVIEW.plan add data entry capabilities to popular BI software, including the ability to comment directly on the dashboard. External data entry tools such as Excel are no longer necessary. Plan budget scenarios top-down or bottom-up on all hierarchy levels. Data can be aggregated or entered in detail in pivot tables. Experience data entry directly in Qlik Sense in this workshop.

    Speaker: Hennadiy Pinus
  • Live Demo Jedox: Customer Presentation Planning Applications of the Ronal Group

    Speed up your planning process. Jedox software for enterprise performance management and business intelligence optimizes planning, budgeting and forecasting across all departments - in various departments, including finance, sales, human resources and purchasing. Improve your business processes by integrating your financial controlling with operational plans, increase data quality and shorten planning cycles throughout the company. A direct interface to Qlik allows efficient data exchange with your Qlik applications, even seamless embedding of Jedox applications in Qlik dashboards is possible.

    In this live demo, our Jedox consultant Felix Winterling will show you how integrated planning with Jedox and embedding in a Qlik application works. In addition, Henrik Lies from the Ronal Group will present concrete examples of how business processes for more than 200 users can be digitalized with Jedox.

    These questions will be answered in this session:

    • What is Jedox and how does integrated planning with Jedox work?
    • How does the integration of a planning application into a Qlik application work?
    • How can I independently and quickly set up planning applications?
    • What do concrete application examples look like that meet customer-specific requirements?
    Speakers: Felix Winterling, Henrik Lies (Ronal Group)

    Eliminate Excel chaos | integrated planning | smart performance management

    Easy entry for customers - no matter what phase they are in:

    1. We show you how to optimize your Excel chaos and make your processes more efficient.
    2. Break down data silos and bring all departments together in an integrated, company-wide solution.
    3. Proactively identify influencing factors and their effects on the entire company development early and quickly
    Speakers: Julian Kestler, Jedox

Booster & Augmented Intelligence Sessions

  • Hands-on Workshop: Top Qlik Sense visualisation & GUI best practice

    By attending this session, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into Qlik-Sense visualizations and learn how to customize these visualizations to go beyond a standard "look and feel". As controls are introduced, new options arise. You will see directly how you can make maximum use of them. Various best practices complete the session.

    Speaker: Oktay Pamuk
  • Live Demo: Migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense & Demo of the QlikView App Deployments to the Qlik Sense Hub in the Cloud

    In this session, you will experience the evolution of a Qlik BI environment live. We will introduce you to the new technical features of QLik Sense and show you the way and the reasons to modernise your BI strategy. Thanks to Augmented Intelligence, which combines artificial intelligence with human intuition to uncover data-driven insights, Qlik Sense provides users with a unique associative experience visualized in a modern dashboard. Qlik Sense will impress you with state-of-the-art functionalities: integration capabilities, extensions, drag & drop extension, alerting and AI functionalities, storytelling approaches, smart device optimizations and much more. Be inspired by this 3rd generation BI platform. The transition from QlikView to Qlik Sense will be a breeze!

    Speakers: Oktay Pamuk,
  • Presentation: AI & ML with DataRobot / Integration DataRobot in Qlik Sense

    Data Science, Data Literacy or just Machine Learning. Gain clarity about the terms and discover the possibilities that arise when handling your data. We show how popular data science tools such as Python or R are integrated into Qlik and explore how predictive analytics can really simplify processes. An exciting combination of theory and practice will give you an easy way to better understand data and drive its integration into your company's operationalisation processes.

    With our partner, DataRobot , you will experience an exciting presentation and live demo on the topic "Democratization of AI". Discover how to add AI and Machine Learning capabilities to your BI applications.

    Speakers: Ayse Alemdar, Oktay Pamuk, Boris Cordes
  • Presentation: Qlik Augmented Insights

    In this session the topics Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and modern Analytics will be examined. We will discuss ways to increase the efficiency of data analysis, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of automation in data analysis, and present the latest products (e.g. Qlik Alerting, Qlik Insight Bot) and features (e.g. Natural Language Processing, Smart Search) of the Qlik platform that support users in data analysis.

    Speaker: Manuel Reimitz, Qlik

Our partners - your added value

Technology Partner

  • Unleash the full potential of your data with Qlik

    The mature Qlik Discovery platform enables your employees and departments to gain valuable insights from data and use them for data-driven transformation of your business. Inaccessible information, incomplete analyses and complex spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

  • Jedox - Seamless integration of budgeting and scheduling capabilities

    Experiences are only valuable if future decisions can be derived from them. Looking back at actual and historical data is therefore not enough to intelligently control business processes. For Qlik users, the new Jedox interface now also enables the development of planning scenarios and budgeting. Seamlessly integrated and administrable through single-sign-on.

    Jedox Logo
  • DataRobot - democratization of AI: how to enrich your BI applications with AI and machine learning skills

    Business Intelligence solutions to enhance AI & Machine Learning skills do not have to be complicated. No "Rocket Scientists" are needed to identify and implement promising Use Cases. We will show you concrete examples of how automation can significantly increase the productivity of data scientists and their acceptance in specialist areas - not least due to the seamless integration of Qlik and the DataRobot AI platform. Translated with


Development and cooperation partner

  • AXview - The Business Intelligence Solution for Abacus.

    Based on Qlik®'s business discovery platform, Axept and Informatec have developed a comprehensive solution for business intelligence analysis: the twin products AXview / iVIEW for ABACUS. These take into account the connection of all major Abacus modules as standard. Business data can be evaluated and visualised without any waiting times. In combination with Jedox, the entire planning and budgeting processes can be covered and integrated into AXview.

    Axept Logo

  • Behind your Dashboard: Data quality as the basis of correct diagrams

    Although valid data is the starting point for successful analysis, the quality of the data is often neglected due to time pressure. With InfoZoom you can transparently display, check, filter, correct and evaluate data in seconds. We complement BI, CRM and ERP solutions in the areas of ad hoc analysis and agile data quality management. No other tool makes it easier to interpret and understand your own data at the touch of a button.

    Logo InfoZoom

  • ProCloud AG: A secure bank for cloud services

    The ProCloud is the professional provider of cloud services and cyber security. Thanks to years of experience in infrastructure operations, ProCloud is our partner for "Infrastructure as a Service". As Microsoft Partner of the Year and Microsoft Gold Partner, the Lenzburg-based company feels particularly at home on Microsoft Azure.



Guests & Speakers

  • Johannes Holzer

    Johannes Holzer, Migros Bank

    Information Manager

  • Lukas Sterchi

    Lukas Sterchi, Stäubli International

    Corporate Controlling Officer

  • Henrik Lies

    Henrik Lies, Ronal AG

    Group F&C – Digitalization

  • Christoph Frey

    Christoph Frey, Qlik 

    Senior Large Account Manager

  • Manuel Reimitz

    Manuel Reimitz, Qlik

    Qlik Solution Architect

  • Iljas Rexhepi

    Iljas Rexhepi, Jedox

    Channel Manager DACH

  • Julian Kestler

    Julian Kestler, Jedox

    Head of Solution Advisory

  • Boris Cordes

    Boris Cordes, DataRobot

    Senior Director Partners & Alliances

  • Fabio Furrer

    Fabio Furrer, Axept

    Business Development Manager

  • Michel Knecht

    Michel Knecht, Axept

    Head of Product Management

  • Ingo Lenzen

    Ingo Lenzen, InfoZoom

    Team Leader Consulting

  • Lara Aqel

    Lara Aqel, InfoZoom


  • Stephan Mahler

    Stephan Mahler, ProCloud


  • Jörg Märki

    Jörg Marki, ProCloud

    Senior Cloud Engineer

Informatec Speakers

  • Rino Mentil

    Rino Mentil

    CEO / Founder

  • Christian Fischer

    Christian Fischer

    Head of Sales

  • Flavio Soarez

    Flávio Soares

    Head of Technology & Solutions

  • Oliver Ruf

    Oliver Ruf

    Head of Consulting & Projects

  • Eunice Branco

    Eunice Branco

    BI Consultant


  • Ayse Yildiz

    Ayse Alemdar

    BI Consultant

  • Oktay Pamuk

    Oktay Pamuk

    Principal Consultant Qlik, Head of Data Intelligence Academy

  • Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan

    Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan

    BI Consultant

  • Roman Hasler

    Roman Hasler

    BI Consultant

  • Hennadiy Pinus

    Hennadiy Pinus

    BI Consultant

  • Felix Winterling

    Felix Winterling

     BI Consultant

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