Process Mining

Published on 31.08.2021

Are you ready for the red pill?

Process Mining - Matrix

„The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.“ (Movie The Matrix)

Discover the truth behind your processes

In many companies, the internal processes in everyday business often do not run as originally intended. And very often these unintentional and inefficient workflows are not even noticed by the management.

To be able to intervene effectively here, nowadays one can make use of the data from the IT systems, which often contain the entire process knowledge. The data from ERP, CRM, PPS or other systems tell the truth and virtually show the digital reality of the business processes.

The data from the IT systems often contain the entire process knowledge.

Thanks to Process Mining, this process reality (actual state) can be brought to light and visually represented without having to prepare a formal process description in advance. Subsequently, the desired target processes (target state) can be modelled on this basis in order to design a workflow that is as efficient and close to the user as possible.

Discover more about process mining

With iVIEW.process mining we now give you a function library to turn your existing Business Intelligence Suite - Qlik Sense or Microsoft Power BI - into an intuitive tool for professional process analysis. In this way, you supplement your business-relevant key performance indicators with the process perspective and can thus make optimal use of the digital transformation to shape your competitive advantages.

iVIEW.process mining

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