Qlik Sense August 2021 – what's new?

Published on 14.09.2021

The new Qlik Sense release (client managed) has been extended mainly in the areas of augmented analytics and visualization and again includes some features that have been available for the SaaS version for some time.

Qlik Sense August 2021

Innovations in the area of augmented analytics

Insight Advisor can now analyze and evaluate mutual information between fields. This creates a metric of the influence one field has on another. It allows the user to investigate which fields may be a driver for other target fields.

In addition, the MutualInfo function can be used to calculate and analyze the mutual information between targets and drivers in a chart. This provides the opportunity for investigations such as analyzing pairwise mutual information and breaking down drivers by value.


Expanding visualization capabilities

Qlik Sense August 2021 also offers several new features  in visualizations. For example, bars can now be added to the secondary axis in the combo chart. In addition, a separate color setting can now be configured for each measure in a combo chart (single color or a color by expression).

Furthermore, a fourth base map type with dark mode has been added to the map charts. This offers a dark theme with neutral colors and thus puts the focus on the content. Light-colored feature layers are highlighted.

There is also now the ability to add images to the point layer in Qlik Sense via a URL. Previously, images could only be uploaded from the Qlik Cloud media library. The URL-based images can eventually be added to straight tables.


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