Microsoft Power BI and PowerPoint

Published on 07.03.2023

Feature Update 03/2023 - Power BI and PowerPoint: A powerful new data visualisation combo is now available.

The integration of Power BI with PowerPoint is groundbreaking for the visualisation and presentation of data. With the ability to easily add interactive graphics and generate text, presentations become more interactive, informative and engaging.

With this new feature, you can now add a visualisation to Power BI with just a few clicks. In Power BI, simply right-click on the visualisation or open the "More options" (...) menu, select "Share" and use the new "Open in PowerPoint" option to get a link. The link created points to the visualisation and contains all the filters currently applied.

Visualisierung PPT Power BI


Another useful feature is Smart Insights. This gives you the ability to quickly generate descriptions that summarise the data in your slide and make it easier to communicate key insights and findings. It allows you to quickly and easily create compelling stories from your data without having to do manual data analysis or write text. The text created by Smart Insights can be easily added to the slide by selecting Data Insights from the data option.

Data Insights PPT Power BI


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